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T4F Series Narrow Series- Tier 3

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Underneath the smooth lines and sloped hood of T4F Series tractors lies some impressive power. The four-cylinder, 195-cu. in. engine on the T4.75F and T4.85F and the 275-cu. in. engine on the T4.95F and T4.105F offer you smooth, responsive performance.

Model  T4.105F
Type 4-cycle, diesel
Make New Holland
Model NEF
Cylinders / Aspiration 4, Turbocharged and Intercooled
Displacement, cu. in. (L) 275 (4.5)
Block Type Parent Bore
Rated Speed, RPM 2300
Gross Engine Horsepower† 105
PTO Horsepower† 92
Torque Rise† 31%
Maximum Torque, lb.-ft. (Nm)† 313 (425) @ 1300 rpm
Emission Legislation Tier III
Fuel, Air and Lubrication System  
Injection Pump Bosch VE, Rotary
Injector Type Direct
Fuel Filter Type Dual stage fuel filtering system with water/sediment separator followed by a paper filter element cartridge
Fuel Tank Capacity, gal. (L) 19.3
Air Filter Type Dry, Dual Element
Service Interval†† 600 houra
Muffler Under hood
Exhaust Outlet Under right side of operator's station
Transmissions Base: 16x16 with a Mechanical Shuttle
. Option 1: 16x16 with a Power Shutttle
.. Option 2: 32x16 Dual Command with a Power Shuttle
Clutch Type / Size (Mechanical), in. (mm) Dry, 11 (280) diameter, heavy-duty cerametallic materia
Clutch Type / Size (Electro-hydraulic), in. (mm) Wet, 7 plates 5.2 (133), organic material
Top Speed Base: 40 KPH (25)
Battery, volts/cca 12/800
Alternator, amps 120
Cold Start Aid Grid Heater
Front Axle  
2WD Front Axle: Steering Angle, degrees 55
SuperSteer™ FWD Front Axle: Front Differential Lock Fully locking, electro-hydraulic engaged
SuperSteer™ FWD Front Axle: Steering Angle, degrees 76
Hydraulic System  
System Type Open Center
System Pressure, psi. (bar) 2755 (190)
Implement Pump Flow, gpm. (L/Min): Base - Mechanical Shuttle   12.8 (48.6) / 17.2 (65)
Implement Pump Flow, gpm. (L/Min): Base - Power Shuttle  17.2 (65) / 17.2 (65)
Optional 17.2 (65)
Steering & Services Pump, gpm. (L/Min): Mechanical Shuttle 7.3 (28.0)
Steering & Services Pump, gpm. (L/Min): Power Shuttle  9.4 (35.6)
Steering & Services Pump, gpm. (L/Min): Remotes Valves  2 (Base), 3 (Optional, includes flow control)
Draft Control Mechanical
Upper / Lower Limit Setting Lift-O-Matic
3-Pt Hitch Lift Capacity (24" behind lift point), lbs. (kg) 4045 (1835)
Front Lift and PTO N/A
Rear PTO  
540/1000 RPM Optional
Engagement Mechanical with Hydraulic Servo-Assist
Turning Performance  
Turning Radius: 2WD - without Brakes, ft. (m) NA/NA
Turning Radius: SuperSteer FWD - without Brakes, ft. (m)  10.8 (3.3)
Turn Around Diameter: 2WD - without Brakes, ft. (m).  NA/NA
Turn Around Diameter: SuperSteer FWD - without Brakes, ft. (m). 8.4 (2.6)
Approximate Weights  
2WD Less Cab, lbs. (kg) 6265 (2842)
2WD Cab, lbs. (kg) 6459 (2930)
SuperSteer FWD Less Cab, lbs. (kg) 6419 (2912)
SuperSteer FWD Cab, lbs. (kg) 6613 (3000)
Platform Type - Cab / Rollbar Iso mounted, straddle platform
Wheelbase: 2WD, in. (mm) 85.4 (2170)
Wheelbase: SuperSteer FWD, in. (mm) 95.9 (2435)
Tire Track Widths**: Front 2WD, in. (mm) 45.1 (1146) - 63.5 (1612)
Tire Track Widths**: Front SuperSteer FWD, in. (mm)  41.8 (1062) - 58.7 (1492)
Rear, in. (mm) 43.6 (1108) - 61.0 (1550)
Min. Overall Width,** in. (mm) 58.5 (1486)
Height to Top of Rollbar,*** in. (mm) 89.5 (2274)
Height to Top of Dash, *** in. (mm) 50.8 (1290)
Height to Top of Cab, *** in. (mm) 85.5 (2173)
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