New Holland AG ProRotor.3223

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ProRotor Rotary Hay Rakes

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Like a mechanical pitchfork; with long flexible tines each ProRotorâ„¢ rake tine arm lifts and carries the crop delivering it into the windrow. The tines never need to touch the soil, so there is little risk of contaminants being swept into the windrow. The rotary action builds a well-shaped windrow without roping that promotes continued drying so you can rake earlier which helps retain delicate leaves producing higher quality forage. The consistency and shape of the rotary rake windrow feeds smoothly into all types of balers for easier baling and more uniform bales every time.

Paint Powder Paint
Cutting Width/Discharge
Crop Delivery Left Side
DIN Width - Sing Swath or Min (m/ft) 6.6/21.7
DIN Width - Double Swath or Max (m/ft) 7.1/23.3
Length (m/ft) 8.2/26.9
Transport Length (m/ft) 7.4/24.3
Width (m/ft) 3/9.8
Transport Width (m/ft) 2.2/7.2
Transport Height w/ arms removed (m/ft) -
Height (m/ft) -
Capacity (hph/aph) 7.3/18
Weight (kg/lb) 1350/2976
Rotor Diameter (m/ft) 4.9/16.1
Clean Swept Working Width (not noted on supplied tables) (m/ft) 3/9.8
Cam Track Diameter (mm/in) 260/10.2
Minimum Tractor Requirement
Power Requirement (kw/hp) 37/50
PTO Speed 540
PTO Type Double Wide Angle CV
Overrunning Clutch Integral to PTO
Protection Individual Radial Pin Clutch on each Rotor
Tractor Attachment
Hitch Drawbar
Special Hitch Pin Standard
Rotor Articulation System Rear Rotor - 3D
Num. Rotors 2
Num. Arms / Rotor 11 Front / 12 Rear
Num. Tines / Arm 4
Tine Arm Diameter (mm/in) 35/1.4
Tine Arm Attachment to Gearbox 2 bolts
Tine Arm Removal for Transport/Storage Lynch pin
Tine Diameter (mm/in) 9/0.4
Front Swath Board Optional
Rear Swath Board Standard
Swath Board Adjustment/Folding Hydraulic/Mechanical
Height Adjustment Hyd Lift/Mech Stop
Rotor Headland Clearance (mm/in) 500/19.7
Removable Tine arms/ Folding Guards Standard
Undercarriage Tires/Wheels 18.5x8.5-8 PR6
Axle Tandem Front / Tandem Rear + 2 additional support wheels on rear
Hyd. Requirements 1 Single Acting, 1 Double Acting
Chassis Tires/Wheels NA
Rear Wheel Steering NA
Max. Turning Angle NA
Transport Lighting Standard
Transport Safety Chain/Hitch Check Chains Transport Safety Chain
SMV Emblem Standard
Transport Lighting Requirement ASAE 7 Pin
Electrical Requirements NA
Operating Speed
Operational Speed 8-14 k/h / 5-8.5 mph
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